3 Unique Ways To Eat Fortune Cookies With Chinese Food

19 September 2022
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When you order from a Chinese restaurant, you will often receive fortune cookies with your meal. People will typically open the cookies first or last, but you do not need to keep the crunchy cookies separate from the rest of your meal. When you receive fortune cookies, you can include the treat as part of your main meal.

Check out three unique ways to enjoy fortune cookies the next time you dine out for Chinese food or order take-out from a local Mandarin Chinese restaurant. 

1. Lo Mien Crumble

Add a nice crunch to your meal with the use of a fortune cookie. If you order lo mien noodles, then you can add a little extra texture. If you receive the fortune cookie in an individually wrapped plastic, crush the cookie inside the package. Then open the package and scatter the crunchy cookie bites all over your lo mien.

Make sure you pull out the fortune and don't let the little piece of paper get on your food. Evenly scatter the cookie pieces around. The texture and sweet flavor mix well with lo mien and will add a crunch to every bite. Add an extra crushed cookie to the mix if you want to add extra crunch.

2. Soaked In Soup

Treat fortune cookies like oyster crackers. If you order a side option like a wonton soup, you could toss the fortune cookie right on top. Ideally, you would want to break the fortune cookie up into at least four pieces. You do not want tiny crumbles, but you want pieces small enough to fit into your mouth with each bite.

Add a single piece at a time, so the leftover pieces do not become too soggy if they sit in the soup for too long. The more you try to mix in the cookies, the more you will learn the best piece sizes and flow.

3. Fortune Cookie Rice Scoops

If you order rice with your meal, enjoy a new way to scoop up the food. Break a fortune cookie in half down the middle. The two halves will now look like small scoops. Use one half at a time to scoop up some rice and fill the hollow part of the fortune cookie. Bite down on the cookie to enjoy the crunch and the filled rice section.

If you enjoy this method of eating, then you could order extra fortune cookies and have a lot of scoops to eat as part of your meal. The slightly sweet taste of the cookie adds to the savory flavors of rice.

Try one or more of these ideas the next time you dine at a Chinese restaurant.