Reasons To Order A Boneless Steak

30 June 2022
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When you look at the options on the menu at any steakhouse you visit, you'll see that some cuts have bones, while others do not. Typically, the wording that you notice will be "bone-in" or "boneless." While a lot of people enjoy ordering steaks that have the bone, this style isn't for everyone. If you favor boneless cuts, make sure to look for this wording on the menu. If you're uncertain about a particular cut, you can simply ask your server whether the cut has a bone in it or not. Steakhouses have lots of boneless cuts, including strip steaks, flank steaks, and tenderloin steaks. Here are some reasons to order a boneless steak.

It's Less Work

Some people find that trimming the meat off the bone is more work than they typically enjoy. If you're dining out with friends and you want to focus on the conversation instead of trying to cut each bite of meat carefully, a boneless cut can be a better choice for you. Similarly, if you haven't eaten a lot of steaks in your life and you find that trimming around the bone is a little challenging, you'll likely want to stick to the boneless options on the menu.

It Results In Less Waste

While there are some steak enthusiasts who are able to get virtually all the meat off the bone, you might not be among this group. After finishing your bone-in steaks in the past, you may have noticed that there was a lot of meat left on the bone. At a steakhouse, you're unlikely to pick up the bone and attempt to chew the remaining meat off it, which means that you'll be wasting it. If you don't like the idea of wasting any food, you'll likely favor a boneless cut because you can eat the entire steak without leaving any meat behind.

It's Quicker To Eat

While some steakhouse visits can be lengthy when you're getting together with family and friends, you might also occasionally have less time to spend when you're eating. For example, if you're grabbing a quick lunch during the workday or when you're traveling on your own, you might like the idea of eating your meal in a short amount of time and continuing on with your day. In such scenarios, a boneless steak can be a good cut to order. You may find that you're able to eat the meat faster because you aren't having to carefully cut around the bone.

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