Three Ways To Order Shawarma

15 April 2022
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If you enjoy seeking out international restaurants and experiencing their unique fare, a shawarma restaurant might be on your list of places to visit. This type of eatery can be fun to visit with a group of friends, but it can also be a place you stop by for a quick lunch during the workday. One thing that you'll quickly realize when you visit a shawarma restaurant is that there are many different ways that you can order this type of meat. Here are three options that you'll find on most of these establishments' menus.

Shawarma In A Pita

When a lot of people think of shawarma meat, they picture it inside of a pita. This is a popular way to enjoy this fare, and it's handy because you can eat it on the go. You'll get to choose which type of meat you want, as well as what vegetables, sauces, and other ingredients you enjoy. A kitchen staff member will then place all of these ingredients inside of a pita and wrap it up tightly—typically securing it in a roll of aluminum foil so that it's tidy to eat. Most restaurants have different pita sizes available, so you can order something that will suit your current degree of hunger.

Shawarma Plate

Another popular option is to order a shawarma plate. In general, this plate consists of the ingredients that you'd find in a shawarma pita, but the difference is that you eat everything with a fork instead of by hand. A shawarma plate can be a good option for someone who follows a gluten-free diet. If you don't want to eat a wheat pita, for example, you can simply order a plate. Many restaurants have large shawarma platters that are ideal for sharing with one or more of your dining partners.

Make-Your-Own Shawarma Appetizer

At some shawarma restaurants, you'll find a make-your-own shawarma dish listed under the appetizer section of the menu. This dish features the usual ingredients, albeit presented in a slightly different manner. You'll receive a platter of shawarma meat, vegetables, and sauces, as well as a stack of small pitas that are about the size of your hand. You can assemble your choice of ingredients on a pita, fold it in half, and then consume it in a few bites. This make-your-own approach can be a fun option when you're dining with friends, as you can nibble away as you converse.

If you're interested in trying new foods like shawarma, reach out to local restaurants to see what options await.