3 Pizza Options To Keep Your Energized For Black Friday Shopping

25 October 2021
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The weekend that follows Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. As you plan out holiday gifts and great bargains, you also want to ensure you are well-fed and have the energy to make it through multiple stores. Ordering pizza is an ideal way to skip out on extra cooking after the holiday and keep you energized.

Check out some pizza options to help you stay focused and good to go as you shop, wait in lines, and enjoy all of the Black Friday weekend sales.

1. Protein-Filled Pizza

Post-Thanksgiving shopping is all about the long game. You may find yourself walking through malls, going to second floors in shops, and traveling through a crowded shopping plaza. One way to help sustain your energy is with a protein-covered pizza. 

Look for a customized pizza with lean meats like grilled chicken. The chicken will break down slower in your body and give you a nice energy boost. Other meats to consider include ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Shaved steak is a premium topping option you may also add to your pizza.

When you do add toppings, stick to one or two meats. Too much meat could overload the salt content and give you the opposite effect when you want to have extra energy.

2. Spicy Pizza

If you take your pizza slices on the road with you, then you can enjoy a kick of energy at every store you stop at. A spicy pizza will add some energy and really wake you up. The simplest way to order a spicy pizza is to add some jalapenos for a topping. Just one or two slices on a pizza will add a lot of kick.

Not only will the spiciness make you feel alert, but you'll likely drink a lot of water to reduce the spicy taste in your mouth. Staying hydrated will help keep your energy up. You will not feel fatigued or have low energy due to a lack of water.

3. Whole Wheat Pizza

Carbohydrates can provide a quick boost of energy, but you should be aware of what carbs you're ingesting. As you order your custom pizza, look into whole wheat pizza options. A whole wheat pizza breaks down more slowly and give you more energy overall. The healthier option is better for your body and will prevent energy crashes as you go throughout your shopping day.

Check out custom pizza menus well ahead of your shopping day to know what you want to order and be ready for the shopping day ahead. Contact a restaurant like Scittino's Italian Market Place to learn more.