Why You Should Visit The Cantina Side Of A Local Mexican Grill

9 April 2020
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If you've found a new Mexican grill in your city that you plan to visit, you may notice that the establishment has two different sections. Some Mexican eateries devote part of their space to a traditional restaurant environment, while the other part is a cantina. While the cantina side can vary among establishments, it typically provides a unique environment in which to eat and drink. Visit the restaurant's website to learn a little bit more about its two sides. Generally, here are some reasons that you should visit the cantina side.

A Lively Atmosphere

You'll almost always find that the cantina side of a Mexican restaurant has a lively atmosphere. This can especially be true during peak hours, especially if it's crowded. Whereas the restaurant side has more of a quiet and family-friendly vibe, the cantina side is all about fun. You may find bartenders being vocal as they make eye-catching drinks for patrons and people cheering as they watch live sporting events on TV. If there's music playing in the restaurant, it might be a little louder on the cantina side. If you're planning to go out for Mexican food with a group of friends and are looking for a lively, fun-filled experience, the cantina side will be a good choice for you.

Plenty Of Specials

The cantina side of your local Mexican restaurant can also be a good place to visit if you're keen on getting food and drink deals. This side will often have happy hour promotions in which certain drinks and appetizers are available at discounted rates. Often, you'll find that there are different specials depending on the day of the week. For example, one day may have discounted margaritas, while another day may have deals on pitchers of Mexican beer. It's possible that these deals only apply to the cantina side of the establishment, so visiting this side can be a good idea if you want to increase the affordability of your experience.

Vibrant Decor

The decor of Mexican eateries can vary significantly. If you encounter an establishment that has a traditional restaurant and a cantina under the same roof, however, you may find that the cantina side's decor is a lot more vibrant. For example, the walls may be bright and there may be plenty of decorations that are on display. Some cantinas have walls that are covered in framed photos of local celebrities eating at the establishment, while others have string lights hanging on the walls and accessories such as sombreros that guests can check out.

Visit a local Mexican grill to see for yourself and try some Mexican cuisine.