Suggestions For Ordering Take Out Pizza For A Large Group Of People

16 June 2018
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Pizza is such a favorite food with so many people, that it's a good option when you need to feed several people at a work meeting or a family gathering at home. Plus, there are so many choices in pizzas that you're sure to find something that everyone loves. Here are a few suggestions for ordering multiple pizzas to feed a crowd.

Mix Up The Crust

Everyone has a favorite type of crust. Choosing an original hand-tossed crust is a good choice if you want all pizzas to be the same. However, if you want to add some variety, then getting a few pizzas with thin crust might appeal to the guests who are watching calories and getting a few deep dish pizzas will appeal to the carb lovers at your gathering.

Accommodate Special Diets

Vegetarians and meat eaters love veggie pizzas so you don't have to worry about them going to waste if no vegetarians are at your gathering. If you know the people well, you might even ask if anyone is vegetarian or vegan before you order the pizzas. That way you'll have the special diets covered. Some pizza places even offer gluten-free pizza that you can buy for your guests who need a gluten-free crust.

Pizza without cheese is vegan as long as you get only vegetable toppings. You won't need to buy very many vegan or gluten-free pizzas, so be sure to mark them accordingly so guests not on special diets don't eat them up from the guests who need them.

Try Something Exciting

People can eat their usual sausage or pepperoni pizzas at home. When you order pizza takeout for your gathering, consider getting unusual and different topping combinations on a few of the pizzas.

Most places let you get some toppings on half a pizza and different toppings on the other half. This allows you to experiment with anchovies, pineapple, banana peppers, and hot sauce that appeal to some people but not to everyone. You'll still want some traditional options like plain cheese pizza and mushroom pizzas for the more picky eaters.

Load Up On Extras

Add more variety to your pizza menu by adding sauces supplied by the pizza place. Some offer small containers of pizza sauce, garlic sauce, ranch dressing, and hot sauce. Having dry cheese and pepper flakes is a nice touch too for those who like added toppings. A side order of jalapeno peppers is always a fun addition to a pizza meal.

Ordering pizza for a group of people doesn't have to be difficult. If you don't want to get too involved with it, just break it down into meat toppings and veggie toppings so you have a good chance at keeping everyone happy. People may have their favorite type of pizza, but that doesn't mean they won't love whatever you decide to order.