Top 4 Frozen Dessert Machines For Restaurants

16 August 2017
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Going out to a restaurant for a meal is typically a fun experience where people can relax and unwind. While a lot of people don't eat dessert every day after having dinner at home, many people enjoy indulging in a sweet treat while visiting a restaurant. There are so many options to add to your restaurant dessert menu, but frozen desserts are almost always a hit. If you want to serve fresh made frozen desserts, you will need the right machine. Some common frozen dessert machines used in restaurants include:

Ice Cream Machine

Fresh, homemade ice cream is a delicious treat any time, especially in the hot summer months. If you want to offer a variety of ice cream flavors for dessert in your restaurant, you will need to purchase an ice cream machine. A commercial ice cream machine has an outer drum, internal container to hold ingredients, and a paddle or churn to continually mix the ingredients during the freezing process. Unlike at-home ice cream machines, commercial ice cream machines use electromechanical freezing systems instead of rock salt to help freeze the ice cream ingredients.

Soft Serve Machine

If you want to serve an ice cream treat without having to offer a variety of flavors, you may want to invest in a soft serve machine. These machines produce ice cream that is soft and smooth and is directly dispensed from the machine. In most cases, soft serve machines are quite easy to use-- all you will have to do is add a liquid mix or a powdered mix and some water. Most soft serve machines can dispense two flavors of ice cream, with a third dispenser available to dispense a mix of the two flavors.

Gelato Machine

Gelato is similar to ice cream, but has some major differences. As gelato is prepared in a gelato machine, almost all of the air is removed which results in a very rich and decadent frozen treat. When your restaurant has a gelato machine in the kitchen, you will have the option to create a wide variety of different flavors by just using a few ingredients.

Milkshake Machines

Having a milkshake machine, such as from DSL Northwest, Inc., is a must for a restaurant. The milkshake has long been a very popular dessert, especially when whipped cream is added to the top. Some of today's milkshake machines can also be used to make smoothies and slushies. Some milkshake machines mix ice cream, milk, flavored syrup, and fruit, while others require using a pre-made milkshake mix that can be purchased in bulk.