3 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch The Main Event At A Sports Bar

10 September 2015
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It doesn't matter the sport, all that matters is the most important match of the season that is coming up. You can stay home. You can shell out the money for tickets. You can go to a friend's house. Or, you can go to the sports bar. Here are three reasons why a sports bar, such as Atlas Pizza & Sports Bar, is a better bet.

1. Putting Your Money to Better Use

The price of admission for any big-ticket game or match can run into the hundreds. And that's just to watch it on television. You'll need to temporarily purchase a season pass, a subscription to stream it, or pay a one-time charge to watch the event. And of course, for many people, purchasing a ticket to the actual event is completely out of the question.

Remember, this amount of money is just to watch the event itself. You'll have to come up with even more money for food and drinks. You can go to a friend's house, but that means the friend has to spend just as much. In addition to all of that, it's possible that neither you nor your friends have the kind of television or sound system to allow you to truly appreciate the event.

So, go to the sports bar. Even if there's a cover charge that night, it will cost far less than paying for the event in any other fashion. The sports bar will likely have a massive screen and the sound of the event coming from every speaker.

2. Food, Drinks, and Service

Remember all that money you saved by going to the sports bar? Now it's time to use some of it. Instead of ordering out, or eating your own attempts at cuisine, you can order freshly prepared wings, pizza, or whatever else the bar has to offer.

You don't have to mix your own drinks, or stick to the one or two types of beers you purchase. You can have a variety of drinks prepared and served, or pitchers of whatever beer you desire.

In fact, since it's the night of the main event, the sports bar will likely have specials. And even with all of that, you will still have likely paid less than if you ordered the event some other way.

3. People, Socialising, and Community

The sports bar is a great place for meeting people and socialising in general. But on the night of a main event, things are a little different. When there's a main event, all televisions are tuned to that event. Everybody in the place came to see that specific event.

All of the energy in the atmosphere will ebb and flow with the activities of that event. It's the next best thing to being at the event itself. While you're eating, drinking, and having a good time, others are doing the same. Conversations will happen, and entire new relationships will form.

So spend less money, take advantage of excellent service, and meet new people while you're at it. The night of the main event is the perfect night for you, or you and your friends, to head down to the sports bar.